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04053, Kiev, 11-A, Artema Str.
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Mission: to create competitive advantages by means of
developing and commercializing innovative technologies.
Outlook: using state-of-the-art accomplishments in science and engineering for creating innovative solutions, efficient for various industries. Developing new knowledge-intensive technologies and fostering innovation activity in Ukraine. Partnership and close collaboration with the scientific/research community, international organizations, technology transfer networks and manufacturing companies.
Values: knowledge and professionalism, innovation, efficiency and credibility.

Over the last 5 years due to the cooperation of firms of consortium ITG with the industrial enterprises on the implementation and use of new technologies and innovative products, managed to get an additional profit of more than 1 billion UAH.
In structure of the consortium companies are working on a full-time basis , and on a contract basis more than 300 scientists and experts of the highest qualification, including 9 academicians, 35 doctors, 220 candidates of sciences.

The consortium company consortium "Innovation and Technology Group" (hereafter ITG) aims its activity at the development and commercialization of new technologies and new innovative products as well as soliciting investment for related projects, especially in the manufacturing and renewable energy sectors.е.

    The ITG consortium company (consortium) is comprised of the following companies:
  1. Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, founded in 1964.
  2. New International Corporation (NIC), established in 1995.
  3. Company "Investment and Technology" (CIT), established in 2000.
  4. Ukrainian State-of-the-Art Technologies (UST), established in 2003.
  5. New Innovative Technologies (NIT), established in 2004.

We provide the opportunities for innovative products to gain unique advantages with regard to performance and cost. Commercializing innovative technologies or products allows it to ensure cost effectiveness, simultaneously making the products more consumer-attractive. In this way the Company is achieving much stronger competitive advantages - both for itself and for its partners and clients. Companies, included in the consortium company consortium, specialized in the development of innovative technologies in various industries:
• The defense-industrial complex - CIT, NIT, UST;
• The construction industry complex - NT, NIC;
• Aeronautical industry - NIT, UST;
• Coal mining industry - NIT, ITG;
• Chemical industry – UST;
• Iron and steel industry - NIT;
• Mechanical engineering industry – CIT;
• Instrument making industry - UST;
• Energy sector - ITG, State-owned Institute of Innovative Technologies for Energy Sector and Energy-Saving Applications.

We are helping our clients and partners in gaining competitive advantages ensuring fundamentally new market opportunities and fostering conditions for new market entries - allowing companies to accumulate high profits, gain the market leader position and dictate terms.

The ITG's principal areas of expertise are in:
1. Development and implementation of new technologies, protection of intellectual property;
2. Commercialization of the results of scientific and technical activities and the introduction objects of intellectual property into economic turnover of enterprises of all forms of ownership;
3. Attraction of investments, the search for investors and business partners for innovation product release;
4. Technology transfer in the domestic and foreign markets.

"ITG" - Excellence in Innovation